Back to Black. City of lights
Part 3: Chelsea
The streets of Chelsea are open to anyone who wants to enjoy the city lights and neon signs.Models covered in latex are like mirrors, reflecting in their black suits all the multicolors of this city. 
The final photo in this collection- Building of WTC in the night, shot through the legs of the model, was the key to creating this story. This shot is dedicated to my love for night photography, street style, neon, deep black and contrasting light. For the photographer, it is a special pleasure when the picture turns out exactly as they imagined it during the preparation phase.

Photographer: Tanya Nowossjolova
Model: Billie Grace
Model/ Assistant: Virginia
Location: Chelsea, New York
Behind the scenes
When the official part of the shooting has already ended...
Often, real emotions appear in the most ordinary places - over a cup of coffee with waffles, or a late cocktail.

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